Ghaib 2012

Project Description

Ghaib (adj.) - unseen, intangible, related to spritual things. Indonesian word of Arabic origin.

A man must look for his sister after a car accident, but terrifying spirits hinder his path. He fights back by reading the Quran - the Holy Book of Islam. This first-person horror game uses speech recognition and is played with a microphone in addition to the standard mouse+WASD. Verses from the Quran can be made to appear when enemies pursue, and when a verse is successfully read into the Quran the evil spirits writhe and take damage.

Project Details

  • Windows XP to 7
  • The game is entirely in Indonesian
  • Covered by a provincial (statewide) newspaper and several Indonesian news sites with nationwide coverage
  • Home page: (in Indonesian)


Largely a solo project with some on/off help, I did the entire programming necessary and made the 3D models of the characters and ghosts. Also did level design.