Spyder's Web 2013

Project Description

Played with the Microsoft® Kinect™ and a specially designed full body haptic suit, the game features a spy character rendered in cel-shaded art with full-body movement mirroring the player. The player must move around as laser arrays close in on the agent, so as not to get hit - letting so happen will result in vibration feedback on the corresponding body part of the haptic suit.

Project Details

  • PC and Mac
  • Facebook Page: facebook.com/spyderswebgame
  • Winner of 2013 Indonesia ICT Awards Tertiary Student Game Category
  • Merit Award Winner of 2013 Asia Pacific ICT Alliance Awards Tertiary Student Project Category


I was a game designer and programmer for the game. I directed the 2D and 3D artists on the visuals of the environment, and I programmed the game logic, shaders, and communication with the haptic feedback suit. This was one of those teams where the ultimate game design was born out of the kind of consensus that flowed freely between us, so it was pretty neat.