Common'hood 2020

Project Description

An upcoming game from Plethora-Project, The core Common'hood experience is a survival simulation where you grow your economy and your community. New characters will attempt to join your crew, and it will be in your hands to provide shelter, water, and food in exchange for their skills. Each character that joins will have their own unique story, helping you understand what led them to end up without a home. By working together, you will be able to provide shelter and facilities to improve the life of your community. This will involve farming and researching technologies to improve the way you generate food and resources.

Common'hood is © 2021 Plethora Project, LLC. All rights reserved.

Project Details

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I am a technical designer for Common'hood. I design and implement whole systems like the online blueprint marketplace, the save system, the inventory system, the NPCs (including AI behavior) etc.