YOKAI 2017

Project Description

Immersed in the mixed reality world of YOKAI, you check into your Tokyo Airbnb to find a Zashiki Warashi, an otherworldly roommate that you must engage and befriend to bridge her world and yours. This particular Yokai is a mischievous house spirit that will attract good fortune and wealth to a household if she is happy – or devastation and ruin if she is crossed. The experience is viewed through a Microsoft HoloLens that merges the spirit world with the settings of a traditional Japanese household where interactions are triggered through a set of NFC tagged props.

Project Details


I was the software & hardware engineer in the team. In addition to hooking up assets and building into the Hololens, I also designed the system which reads NFC tags and communicates with the headset for physical interaction. Other members of the team are Scott Fisher, lab director, Maryyann Landlord, project lead & artist, and Crystal Chan, sound designer.